15 days post op update

I am truly surprised at how well my recovery has been. My POTS is definitely better. I don’t have any pain related to surgery except some jaw tightness and jaw muscle spasms. I have been back to my baseline steroid dose for 4 days. My mast cell disorder flared up this week when I tried to lower those meds to baseline so I went back to a higher dose of mcas meds. I felt pretty rough for 3 days until I realized it was the mast cells acting up. I suppose it might take awhile to calm down since mast cells play a major part in healing injuries.

Arnica cream has been super helpful for the bruising, swelling, and jaw muscle tightness.

I have even been on the stationary bike 3 times in the past week which is completely unheard of for me. I still have a fun variety of autoimmune stuff and possibly CSF spinal leak but I’m thrilled to get some quality of life back from the styloidectomy.

I put a photo of my incision in the comments - a huge improvement in a few weeks.



Your incision looks GREAT! It’s so small!! I’m excited to hear about your stationary bike adventures! That’s awesome!! Starting to feel somewhat normal is such a gift, isn’t it!

I have a friend w/ pretty advanced mast cell disease. I know when it flares the going gets tough. I’m glad you’re able to somewhat control your symptoms w/ prednisone. It is sad that those cells that help w/ our immune response & healing can turn against us in such a nasty way. I hope you continue to feel better & that there is no CSF leak.

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That’s looking good! So pleased that you’ve noticed improvements, that’s great to hear! Hope you keep healing well, just be careful not to overdo things with the novelty of feeling a bit better!!

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Awesome you’re getting some relief. Your scar is small and looks like it is healing so well. YAY! Hang in there!

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Thanks for sharing, it’s comforting to see so many positive outcomes from surgery! Good luck with your continued recovery :slight_smile: