5 days past surgery, and I am hopeful

Hi everyone,

I have just had external styloidectomy on my left side.
Feeling tired sore and releaved the first surgery is done.
There is now a whopping 4.5 cm bone , somewhere in a lab being probed and prodded.
So happy it is no longer putting pressure on my artory

Glad that you’ve had the op, and praying for a speedy recovery. Hope that you soon feel the benefits! Get lots of rest x :bouquet:

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Thanks will try.

You’re almost over the worst recovery hump! The first week post op is the worst as far as pain goes. Jules is right - REST is key. Don’t start back in full swing when you begin feeling better - ease in bit by bit & your recovery will be quicker.

So glad you’re half way done! I hope you begin feeling great improvement!

Hope your recovery goes well and fast…I found keeping up on the ice and elevation helped with that.

Keep us posted

Thanks so much, for this note. I will take your advice and rest.
I am fortunate, I am self employed so I can ease back to work slowly.
One of my issues is how exhausting eating is, and I am eating soft foods. This was a problem before but not like this. I think it is just the tired muscle.
My ice (magic bag) is one of my favourite things.

Thanks so much .