6 days post op

So we figured 2 weeks off work but im not sure if I’ll be ready then.

Trying to go today with no Vicodin and just ibruprofen. It’s not taking away the pain but it is taking the edge off. The area around actual incision is very puffy and i can feel the puffiness inside. The overall swelling has went down drastically. Pain in my ear and jaw and under jaw mostly. Getting stitches out already on Tuesday (8 days post op) im debating taking a pain pill but don’t want to get addicted to them :frowning:

I tapered off my pain meds around 10 days and took Gabepentine for 2 more months. I used my ice pack and wedge pillow regularly for at least a month. Be patient we all recover at different rates.

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It’s still early days yet… sounds like you might not be ready to go back to work in another week if it’s still a bit swollen. I took 4 weeks off, but had to lift toddlers about!
Take it easy, thinking of you!

Thanks… that makes me feel better! I gave in and took a pain pill last night but am starting off the day on ibuprofen.

I had the same fear of pain pill addiction & tried spacing mine out early on. I paid dearly for it & had to take them longer than I would have if I’d just followed my doctor’s orders. Oh well. Two weeks on prescription pain meds won’t cause addiction under normal circumstances. You can try cutting the Vicodin pills in half & start weaning that way. Better to stay on top of the pain as pain slows healing. Not sure why this is. I have not only heard it to be true but have experienced it w/ my ES surgery recovery.