Surgery in 12 days

My surgery is scheduled for October15th at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix,Az and boy am I nervous. Any tips or home remedies to help with the pain? I was told not to take anything the last 2 weeks before surgery and I am hurting BAD!!!! Please help


I am so sorry for you. Hopefully there are better times ahead of you. And very soon.

I have not gone through the surgery yet… so I dont really know the tricks after… why must you not take anything two weeks prior to surgery? what did you use to take?

I am on Gabapentin… low dose, but not adviced to stop medication. Not that its helping anyways really. I am also taking a morphine-like pill before bedtime; Tramadol. Helping me to care less. pain still present though. I am plannning to keep on taking this kind of medication after my surgery, but will try to get some in a patch to just stick on skin instead of swallowing. I imagine that this will hurt initially…

But I guess what might help you depends on whitch kind of pain you are having. A sleeping pill might be ok too after surgery. I hope that you will do very well and look forward too hear how you are doing when you are free of your styloids.

/best wishes Eagle Rose

Had my right side done on October 4th - take it one day at a time. Don't stress, you'll be fine. I'll pray for you :)

Best of luck tomorrow!! Give yourself plenty of time to rest and heal.

Today was your surgery. Now you are on the downhill side of the mess. Hoping you are feeling better soon and that your surgery was successful. I will offer some prayers for your healing.

I hope your trip to the O.R. went ok and you are beginning to start the healing process.

We are all thinking of you, praying for you and hoping everything went OK !!!!

Keep us posted and let us know how your recovery is going. I am 3 weeks behind you.........would love to know what I am up against!!!

Take care,


I hope that your surgery today went great!! Lots of thougths and prayers from me too

GOt to the hospital was vhevked in then taken to pre op nurses were very nice and calmed my nervous. then dr and all the people in the OP room came in talked to me answered all my questions, and took me to OP room last thing i remenber is moving beds and then I was out, I woke up in after care and all i wanted was ice and water mainly ice to numb the pain. Yesterday there was no pain at all due to morphine and all the other meds they gave me. today I am sick to my stomach and in so much pain can barely talk breath or swallow anything. Ill let yall know about tomorrow day 2 post OP