6 weeks post jugulars still narrowed

6 weeks post had a mrv my jugulars are still narrowed and running through collaterals. Anyone else experience this? Or know how long it takes to reroute? Doesn’t look right to me =S

I don’t know what your surgeon did to try to decompress your IJV, but the two surgeons we recommend here in the US will make more space for the IJV or move/remove whatever else is causing compression if they can see that something other than the styloid or C-1 are causing a problem. I wonder of the issue w/ the collaterals was out of reach for your surgeon i.e. you’d have needed a vascular surgeon on board to take care of that, or if your surgeon chose to leave it alone & just see what happens once the lower compression by the styloid & C-1 were removed. These would be good questions to ask him if you have a follow-up appt. or can make one.

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