8 weeks Surgery Post Op Update

Sorry I failed to update at 4 and 6 weeks, but I’m at 8 weeks out now and doing pretty good. All of the surgery pain has been gone for a couple weeks. It’s too soon to say how much relief I’ll ultimately get since bilateral, but there are signs it has helped. I’ll bullet point the symptoms I still have so hopefully its a quicker read.

• No more surgery pain (probably since week 5-6)
• Very optimistic - have had headaches that were worse on left side than the right. I had jugular compression and I’m attributing it mainly to opening up that blood flow. Also nerve compression I’m sure is part of it too, it just feels vascular. I found this more noticeable first 2-3 weeks after surgery than the last 2 weeks.
• No more pain in throat or scratchy voice

• Not really a con, but earlobe is numb. There is a tiny spot right where ear attaches to head that is painful to touch, but the only thing this really affects is it makes putting in earrings difficult haha
• First bite of something, especially if it is a little hard/crunchy, creates pain and it feels hot. This may be TMJ, but is new since surgery. Not terribly bothersome since it doesn’t last more than a couple minutes.
• Randomly get very bad, sharp pain right where ES was taken out. Luckily it doesn’t last long either. Hoping this goes away when get other side taken out.
• Still dealing with facial nerve damage affecting eye. Vision is blurry and burns sometimes. Better than right after surgery, but still pretty annoying. And I don’t know how much of my headaches/pain on that side is due to eye strain. Just one more factor to add to the mix lol
• I find I have very low energy level. I have no idea if this is connected to surgery or not. May be more related to eye strain? Just thought I’d mention it.

Hope this info helps somebody who is looking into having surgery done!


Forgot to mention…
Before surgery I used to always feel/hear my pulse when laying down at night. If laying on right side I would hear it on right, and if laying on left side I would hear it on the left. I had surgery on the right side and now can only hear it on that side if I really concentrate on it and even then it is faint. Left side is still the same. Pretty sure when I have left side taken out I won’t have this symptom anymore. Assuming this is from jugular compression.


Thank you for the update, LoriNola! HOORAY for the improvements! The things that remain will 1) continue to improve with time & 2) will also improve after your next surgery.

As far as your eye goes, have you had any private conversation with emma? You & she both have the same surgeon, & she also had eye trouble post op. Hers is still recovering, too, so she might have some helpful tips for you. It does sound like you have FBS (first bite syndrome) which will also resolve or at least diminish in intensity over time.

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Very pleased tp hear your updates; good that there are improvements! And hope that those annoying symptoms which are left will improve with time…have you planned to have the 2nd side done?
Hope 2020 sees a healthier year for you!

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I did text with Emma and she gave me some good tips. Said it took her eye closer to 3 months to heal so I hope mine goes along that same time frame.

I haven’t scheduled the next surgery yet. I want to make sure the first eye is as healed as it will get before I schedule the other side.

Thanks again for all the support!