Week 1 after bilateral intraoral

Happy anniversary to my ES surgery!
Day 6 the left side of throat completely stopped hurting. I’m thinking the stitches may have let loose a bit but I don’t really know. All pain just stopped. I had some jaw noise going on but that quit too. The right side still sore, but I’m just going to keep up with the Tylenol. Right ear hurts too but I’m hoping that’s from the throat incision. Other than that I’m feeling pretty good. Eating anything substantial is still out of yThe question… Had a little chinese food last night and that made my mouth sore. I looked in my mouth today and could see spots that appear black and I could see some white. Still don’t want to pry my mouth open too much.
I remain hopeful that this will resolve my symptoms. Mine were not as bad as some people, but I know if I had done nothing, things may have gotten worse over time. I’m not going to have a follow up with my surgeon but I will with my diagnosing ENT back home. I have asked my surgeon to forward his records to my doc in Michigan. Funny enough that I had no long, calcified ligaments. But my neck has been pain free since surgery. The surgeon thought my cervical bones were more likely the source of pain…but so far my neck feels great! I’m using cheap pillows and still no problem!
Still enjoying Italian Ice and Popsicles. Hot foods still annoying.

Really pleased that things are improving for you Ivy!

That’s awesome news! Thanks for the updates. I am a couple of days behind you. I am at Day 7 today and I am feeling the exact same things you are (ear pain occasionally, all surgical site pain has stopped, but definitely not able to eat solids the way I would like, and also have the couple of black spots and some white which I think are the spots where the tissue is healing). I am so glad you posted this because I feel like I am on the right track with my healing process. I still have some pressure around the jaw area, but all the shoulder and neck pain have gone, thank God!
Here’s hoping you have a complete and successful recovery… You and me and all those who have had and will have surgeries!

Almost week 2 now. Everyday is a little better as far as surgery trauma. Neck, jaw, tooth pain seems to be gone. Ears hurt a little but it seems different so I will need to wait for my surgery to heal more before I can tell how my ears and back of throat feel. Eating more foods now but swallowing is still a reminder that I had surgery! Right side a little tight and I can feel it when I bend head to shoulder.

I'm glad that some of your pain is gone! My neck was tight to turn for a few weeks; I just did very small gentle stretches twice a day after that and it's improved, but go careful as it's still early days really. I can still feel twinges from the nerves if I turn quickly, or lift much on the surgery side, and I'm nearly 6 weeks post-op.

Good luck to you, and everyone else who's recently had surgery!