Acid Reflux, PPI and Rebound Oh My!

After personal experience that apparently has been decades and seeing so many people about to experience the same thing I would like to speak up. I have been going to whoever my current ENT was at the time, complaining that I thought there was a bone in my throat and told that I had “Acid Reflux” for 30 years. I’ve only recently been diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome this year. Something that has been overlooked by current and past doctors is the “rebound effect” caused by using a ppi drug for acid reflux and then stopping. For me it eventually led to loss of voice that went off and on for two years. I’m not giving medical advice, but let’s let webmd do that LOL. What I would like to say is this: If your doctor thinks you do not “make sense” please take heart that the doctor doesn’t know the extremely long journey you have been on or could possibly fathom how many of your past doctors may have prescribed ppi meds. Here’s the article. Take from it what you need and please consider if you’ve been told you have “Acid reflux or Gerd” several times. You may be in the midst of vicious cycle from well meaning medical professionals.

hey MusicGeek I also have Reflux issues that feel more like my hyoid bone is messed up. I saw you mentioned you have a shattered styloid in another thread. Do you have pictures of your scans?

I can totaly relate. The second treatment after antibiotics (duh) were 80 mg PPI daily for LPR (laryngopharingeal reflux). Didnt help of yourse (as there was no reflux). It only messed up my entire digestive tract and left me with heartburn additional to my ES symptoms. It took me almost a year to get off em. PPIs are nothing but a moneymaker. Of course they can help but they are way overprescribed and in most cases there is no need for them.

@adam83 I am still waiting for my surgeries. My styloid pictures aren’t the best. Apparently there should have been more “slices” that were thinner. My doctor showed me from an angle where the bones are being looked at like a cross section - so it looks like a circle that continues with each cross section until it disappears and then it becomes a different shape. When my doctor felt for the right styloid (the one that must have been fractured in the car incident ) he could feel the bone from the outside of my neck near the voice box. The CT pics showed him where to look. The left styloid is longer and is palpable from where my left tonsil used to be. My doctor hated my scans but he knew exactly where to look because of them. It will be interesting what he finds in surgery and also if there’s a tip broken off.

@Benyon Yes, ppi drugs are over prescribed! In the states you can even buy them over the counter. The warning for the rebound effect is miniscule in size. The drugs also ruins absorption of some pretty important minerals the body needs.

I’m currently recovering from an ultrasound on my neck. It blows me away how something so gentle could make me so sick. Hope I make sense.