After surgery do you stay over night in the hospital?

if so for how many nights?

thank you


When I met with Dr Sanji in San Jose CA he said it was out patient.

Hi I had surgery on 13th August (Scotland) and stayed over night only because I have sleep apnoea and use a cpap machine

thank you guys for your answers

When I met with my doctor he told me I would have to stay over night in the hospital for observation for one night. However after surgery he decided I didn't have too.

Two of my surgeries were outpatient. The other one I spend a night in the hospital but only because I was staying alone at a hotel. If I had someone with me, I would have had an outpatient surgery.

My surgery was intraoral and I stayed over one night for observation.

dr cognetti had me in and out the same day, both times. #1 on the right side, i was in at 7a, rolled into surgery around 11, 2.5 hours in surgery, in recovery till about 5p then back to the hotel

#2 left side, in at 7a, into surgery about 10a, 2 hours in surgery, recovery took longer on this one, got to leave the hospital around 6p

left side was a lot more intense post op.


Depends. I stayed overnight when I had my styloidectomy because I had a drain...pretty common. They removed the drain after 24 hours ..then I went home. I had a thyroidectomy 4 weeks ago and they sent me home after I recovered...that evening...I had surgery at 1 pm and went home at 6:30 pm...they did not need to place a drain so I had a quicker turn around. Abigail

thank you guys so much for your responses!