All My Waiting Rooms Project: Contribute your photos!

I've seen a lot of doctors. 59 as of now.
About half of my week if often spent in some sort of waiting room. And Ooooooooooh how specialists love to make you wait.
To pass the time I began taking arty photographs of the waiting rooms.
I've got a lot of photos now, and I've set up an Instagram, All My Waiting Rooms , where I've begun to post them.
And I'd love to see some of other people's!! Share your waiting rooms!

As I began to become more familiar with waiting rooms I noticed each has a distinct personality and atmosphere. Some are dreary, some are desperate, some are extra creepy, and some try so hard to cheer the place up it's nightmarish. But each one is really a spyglass into not only the types of patients it holds, but how the patients are received once they're treated.
I think it's also a big aspect in the lives of people with chronic illness or pain. It becomes a familiar setting, but not everyone can, or should, experience these strange environments. It's like a little peep into how people struggle, and hope.. and wait.
Please, share your experience as well.

Here's a few of my favs.

If you will notice: the head marks on the wall behind all of the chairs.

The frog is even more unsettling in real life, I'm still trying to capture it. I mentioned it to my PT in this office, and she dreads making eye contact with the frog. It's feet are are cut off and glued back on to hide a pipe. Additionally, the same artist did a truly unnerving clown scene in the treatment area.


this about sums everything up.

Love these! Thanks, your sense of humour and finding things to laugh at even when you're in pain is a good lesson!!

Thank you for sharing. I can upload mine within the next few weeks as well. I argree with Jules, you have a great sense of humor.

What a creative giggle! Thanks for these.