STILL waiting…what would you do?

Hi friends! Hope you all are doing well and getting through ok.

I have a question I’m interested in getting your feedback on.

As some of you know, I’m awaiting a surgery date with Dr. Omlie. I was advised in October upon diagnosis that due to staffing and Covid, there’s be a wait to have surgery. The last note I received from the surgeons assistant was in mid-Dec saying I should expect a call in the first or second week of Jan to schedule…and also to be patient as they can only schedule 2-3 of these per month. By about the end of the 3rd week in January, I followed up and expressed that I know how crazy things are but have yet to hear from scheduling and wondering if there’s any new information (and I dont want to be lost in the shuffle). The assistant has been very responsive thus far and said she’d forward my email on to scheduling. Here we are, entering week 2 of February and not a word yet.

I understand fully the scope of shortages both of beds and staff and how spread thin they all are, but I’d love an update of any kind. Since the only person I’ve had communication with is the surgeons assistant and I have no contact within scheduling, do you feel it would be appropriate for me to reach out to the assistant again? Seriously, I hate to be bothersome knowing what our medical staff are going through, but I also dont want to slip through the cracks and would love to know where things are.


I have gone through my life until super recently always being super polite and that included how I treated my appointments and relationships with doctors. What I have found is, better for you to remind the staff more than once if they aren’t getting back to you when they say they will. 9/10 they won’t mind, and if they do it doesn’t affect anything. Put yourself and your health over your politeness in my opinion and the worse thing that can happen is nothing, and the best is you become a priority because you are in the office’s mind as someone who has asked and waited patiently for a while. I say you should shoot them a call or another email. Best of luck (: :purple_heart:


I do agree that it’s not unreasonable to chase this up, as long as you’re polite & say you know how difficult things are for staff as well as patients…I think you’ve been pretty patient so far! Would they give you a direct number/ email for the scheduling people? And are you able to be on a cancellation list- sorry if I’ve asked that before? It’s the squeaky wheel which gets oiled, as been said on here before! Thinking of you :hugs:


Thank you, just the fire I needed! :blush:

It’s a challenge to be on a cancellation list because of coordinating with two surgeons. But I feel more at ease that others support that despite difficult times, consistent follow ups are ok! Thank you for affirming :blush:

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Hi @Tjmhawk01 - Our ModSupport team put together a really good series on self- advocacy that is worth reading. Here are links to the articles in the series. The info they provide will also be helpful to you:

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Oooh! How did I miss this? Thank you!!!

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So just an update- I’ve called twice now since this post. Both times each person was so very understand and I feel we both were empathetic to each other’s situation. Still, no call from scheduling…not even an acknowledgment. This is very frustrating for me.

My most recent call this past Friday the person I spoke with made it clear that he wanted me to be more persistent and call every 3-4 business days. Even acknowledging my health in the situation. These are merely front desk/call center people but I nearly cried hearing someone show care for MY health despite so many people needing help of their own. So I will do exactly as advised.

All this in-between time leaves too much time to think and doubt. Questions such as, do I get a third opinion while I wait and who would I call? I’ve already met with the two experienced specialists in my area. Is this really the problem at hand? Is there anything I’m overlooking? Will I end up having another disappointing surgery?

Sometimes I wish I had one of you folks near me to grab me by the shoulders and shake me telling me that this IS the right path at this point! My symptoms align and there’s nothing else obvious I can try. Just a reminder to close my eyes, breath and trust the process. And there in my own words lies the answer, right?

Sometimes just a boost of faith from others who understand can be helpful. Anyway, thank you for reading…for understanding my rant, and letting me unload in a safe place :heart:


So pleased that you had someone compassionate to your situation for your last phone call…so sorry that you’re having to wait this long, & I agree that it does give you too much time to worry & think about this. But remind yourself you have the diagnosis, that the only ‘cure’ for ES is to have surgery, that it’s your best chance for an improvement in symptoms. I think if I remember right that travelling further afield isn’t an option for you? So unfortunately it leaves you with no option but to be the squeaky wheel, and it’s good that the person on the phone has now given you permission to do this!
Sending you a hug, & praying that you’ll get in soon :pray: :hugs:


It is frustrating that you’ve had to wait so long. I applaud your patience & ongoing perseverance! :clap: I also agree that the longer the wait, the harder it becomes not to overthink the situation especially when pain & other symptoms are weighing in on the decision of what the next step should be.

HOORAY for the supportive front office guy!! :partying_face: God knew what you needed to hear, & now you can gallop :racehorse: away from the starting gate & push more aggressively (but, of course, politely) for what you want/need. Hopefully those regular phone calls will pay off quickly, & you’ll have your surgery date set in short order. You’ve waited your turn. You should be at the front of the line now! Praying for a good, quick response. :pray:

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Thank you both, Jules & Isaiah :pray:t3::two_hearts: