31 months left

what am i going to do 31 months left to go on the geelong hospital waiting list :-( i got the letter last month ive made acouple of calls to them im on the semi urgent list, in the past 24 hours ive had 4 hours of broken sleep, the dizziness is making me very sick i wasnt at work today i wasnt rostered ,the ears is becoming worse and ive noticed over the past 2 weeks im getting more tierder for no reason ,im the pain even across both shoulders and arms are effecting me work even more as im a cashier im going to try me hardest to keep working for as long as possible, and yes i have called up about private health insurance that is just awaist of money as id still need to find another 4 thousand dollars gap fee and thats not an option for me ,so by the time 31 months have ended and i get me first surgery then after 3 months of healing then back on the waiting list for another 32 months for the second surgery ill be nearly 50 years old and im 42 now ill never have a life :-( and ill never be able to meet a guy and have a relationship :-( :-( :-(

I am so sorry you have to wait so long . That is just horrible.I will keep you in my prayers. Are you on any pain management medications while you wait?

Do you have to wait to be put on the second waiting list? I would ask to be put on for the list for the second side as soon as possible so that once the first side is done healing your not waiting another 21/2 years for the second side to be done or ask for both sides to be done at the same time. that is a crazy ong time to wait. And I thought Canada'a socialistic medicine wait list were bad!


Thank you bigs bug , im using mersindole every night , and one of me work mates has bought me heat bags to put around me neck and ears while i work in out side garden section each saturday , last saturday by the time i finished me shift i was in so much pain and because your in the cold from 9-5 nobody else from the from end wants to swap with me so im in the warmth and not out in the cold ,

Hi RB , dr nicholson told KenD and i he only does one side at a time so when i finally get done on the first side it will take 3 months healing then we go back on the waiting list again for the other side to be done , i showed afew of me friends the letter as they didnt believe me it had 32 mths wait just for the first side do be done ive called the hospital acouple of times to see if they did make a mistake both times ive called the geelong hospital i was told it is that amount of time , :frowning: yesterday i got sick of people telling me i didnt look very well ,i was still in so much pain from working outside the day before me ears were so numb and painful i couldnt move me nceck properly , i was in bed by 6 pm saturday night with me wheat bags around between me neck and ears it was so bloody windy and cold ,and im just getting sooo tiered now even if im not doing much i remember at one stage work would call me on each shift to see if i was or wasnt coming in that day to work ,