Another bad day

I wish this pain would go away so fustrated… I feel I am going out of my mind

have you tried Norspan low dose morphine patches? They don’t take it away totally but they sure make a difference. And they’re a bit kinder on the liver to because they’re not oral. GPS can prescribe them. I’m on 10 mgs. I’ve found that they’ve helped mainly with the migraines.
good luck

I agree with you on the pain every day goes up and down.:frowning:

I feel you!!! It’s like an endless pain with no light at the end of the tunnel…and yes…I think we have all lost our minds with you:) And it’s o.k. to feel that way. If you didn’t have these feelings is when you need to worry. It does get very upsetting knowing that our lives have taken such a dramatic turn upside down. Just when we feel that we have a grasp on how life should be going everything spins out of control and there is no holding on…Am I anywhere close??? The Norspan patch sounds like a good idea if you can tolerate it! If it helps you resume your daily life close as possible it is worth a try:) Not preaching but I still push myself to get up and do even the simple things weather I want to or not. Even if it’s to take a shower…which can be a job in its self. Do a little something for yourself everyday:) Take a hot bath, play a game on the computer, forgive yourself for not doing the laundry, simple things do make a difference…Big hugs and keeps and pushing for answers and treatment!!! Don’t throw in the towel. Be head strong and determined!!! I almost stopped going to the pain clinic and then tada!!! a diagnosis!!!

Oh yes; the pain. I feel for you. My greatest ally for pain; slushees and popsicles. Hurts a little going down, but temporary result was a great relief of pain.