Any Portuguese here? Need help finding a "Eagle Portuguese Doctor"!

Does anyone know any Eagle doctors in Portugal? Thank you so so much!
(Sabem de algum médico de Eagle em Portugal? Obrigada)


Hi @CarolinaMonteiro,

And welcome to this awesome forum. Very recently I read posts here from @green_potato who had surgery in Portugal. He didn’t mention the surgeon yet, when I remember right but he could tell you maybe.

Best wishes


Hey there!

I got surgery at clinic it was performed by dr. Carlos, and Prof. David. It was very expensive compared to other clinics, and also they only did partial removal.

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Hi! you speak Portuguese? @green_potato ?

Hey :wave: sorry, unfortunately I don’t speak it.

@green_potato it was you that bring the syndrome to them or was the oposite

I was diagnosed prior going to their clinic, about a 10 month ago. I was receiving treatment for TMJ disorder and still is.I don’t know if my symptoms were caused by it. I have a big improvement in the neck mobility for sure


Can you give me your e-mail so i can talk to you? I will send you my Number só we can talk on Instagram

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sure, messaged you


Correu bem a consulta ?

“Did the consultation go well?”