Not happy

I had me appointment with the ent today , i walked in his room he read the drs report then he asked me whats wrong this dr hasnt said very much, i told him ive got eagles , gave him results ect i asked him has he heard of eagles before he said yes and its very commen ,i said well y is it drs dont know nothing about it he couldnt answer me , then i asked has he done this type of opp he said oh yeh i thought ok , he wouldnt look at the disc so a trip back to melbourne for me to get the ct sheets from home then all the way back to sunbury , he looked at them said yes i do have it i said yeh well i know that , next thing he said he is putting spray in me nose didnt tell me why , so after he sprayed then he hands me this paper he said read this he didnt tell me it will cost me a further $265,00 for a camera to be sharved up me nose to look in me throat , he said well i have acid in me throat well never heard that one before nah the alarm bells started to ring something didt seem right with him , next thing he tells me i need to see a neuro surgeon to get his opinion if to have surgery i thought why would i need to do that if you come out an tell me youve done this opp before ,he wouldnt tell me how many times hes done it , i said look my friend saw an ent in geelong he was told there and then he will be operated on none of this endoscopy nor was he palmed off to a neuro surgeon for his ent second opiion ,he didnt know what to say and couldnt get away from me quck enough i think everyone in the waiting room heard me , personaly i dont even think he knows anything about eagles and i dont beleive he has done any operations , i was so pissed off then it turned to hurt i really think he is lying to me and is there just to make money out of people , so ive made another apppointment to see kenD's dr so that is this thursday night and ill ask could he pls send me to the same ent as he sent kenD to at least he told him how many opps hes proformed

Sorry Purple Girl. It is much better in the long run. We all have had that same experience and they should take care of us and just be honest. I hope you get referred to KenD's doc too. Keep pushing forward. Keeping you in my prayers.

hi Bigs Bug :-) ,yeh i just still cant get over this ent , like y lie for at first i thought oh cool at long last help is sooner than later but nah alarm bells started ringing , i was talking to me workmate about him she told me go with me gut instinct and to her he does'nt sound lagit ,she even told me dont go back to him and dont even bother seeing that neuro surgeon so he has a 2nd opinion , ive even googled his name and i never found any info about him and no info about what surgery's his proformed nothing so really ive just waisted my day and my money , and get this i asked him can he proscribe me with a strong pain relief he told me take panadole , i said what that does nothing and i let him know the times at work where ive colapsed on the ground and screaming in pain and to guys i work with have had to help me out of work and be driven home in my car he didnt say anything and walked off so now im counting down for thursday to arrive now

I think Thursday will be the day you get to turn the corner and will be headed down the same path as KenD. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope the doctor you see on Thursday will give you a medication to ease some of your pain. Keep pushing and always go with your gut. Take care and please keep us all posted.

God I’m really hope on Thursday the gp will send me to.see kenD’s ent if not ill go crazy many of times I just want to.cut them out meself and or walk infront of a.semi :’( but that’s not fair on the driver who would have to live with it for the rest of his life :frowning: