Something strange is going on

ive just noticed something today after yesterday seeing that so called ent i was going through papers this afternoon , when the gp wrote up referel to see this idiot had his first name and surname , i noticed he has same first name BUT now goes under a diffrent surname hmmmm something is not right about this ent, he and this neuro dood he wants me to see well they both wont get a chance to see me again

Feel so sorry for ypu. I am throught this too, doctors who know nothing about Eagles and won't admit it.It feels like a crazy world to me sometimes - like I am in the wrong movie while seeing these doctors...

Sorry to hear you had another bad experience. Does this mean you will now be able to see the Doctor recomended by one of our members who lives in your area?


Hi R.B. yep I’m off to see a proper ent in geelong next Wednesday 19 the and I so much can’t wait :slight_smile: I told dr about the Dodge ent in sunbury he instantly wrote out another referel to see the same who will operate on kenD :slight_smile: I don’ about driving 1 hour one way :slight_smile: me bosses at work approved the paper work I filled out to take next Wednesday off as right from tge start I told them what was wrong with me and showed them any medical papers they wanted to see they have been really good to me even though the amount of time I’ve taken off and or been sent home early I’ve been told my job is safe as no matter how much agony in I still try and make it in

purple girl,

this is great news I am so glad you are going to see a doctor who will be better able to help you.