August 3

August 3rd I’m scheduled to have my right ear done. I tear up at the thought of having the surgery done because this has been such an indescribable experience. Only God knows how I feel and how to help me process going back to step one.
I pray that I won’t lose my breath and memory anymore after the bone is cut.
I have to admit I’ve been praying for a miracle. Praying that I won’t have to have the surgery at all. But anyway God Bless each of you for your strength, encouragement and post.

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I’m glad that you have a date for surgery, and not too long to wait! You’re on my prayer list, I’ll pray that all goes smoothly and that you feel God’s peace. Lots of info on here about what to expect, and what to get ready beforehand, don’t forget.:smiley:

Deep, easy breaths, Blessu2! God is always in the littlest details of our lives. I will be praying for you, too! Glad you’re close to getting this taken care of. Please keep us updated as to how you’re doing post op. We’re here to encourage & support you!

GOD is in the Miracle making business!! I’m close behind you getting my right side done too!! I’ve had a very long process and looking forward to relief but consider all the risks on the good pain days. Uggh craZy thinking!
Take care and keep us informed, I’m looking forward to seeing your results!!!