Can anyone help me please!

I have an elongated styloid process on the right side (4.8 cm) and on the left (3.5cm) my question is as I have been having a strange pain in my right mandibular salivary gland worse with movement like something is sticking me behind the gland also a painful spot in the thyroid cartilage does anyone have this ? or it seems more like hyoid bone ?

I'm sorry I can't help, but I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. I hope someone can answer your question. Hang in there.

Is it any better today, tiagito? Have you called your doctor? Your pain reminds me a bit of this blog:

I hope you get some relief soon.

No it is not better !!
I went to see my maxillo surgeon today and she said according to my ct scan the hyoid looks fine and she is not sure if my pains are caused by my enlongated styloids because the only thinghs the ct scan shows is enlongated styloid process also she mentioned the operation to remove the styloid is very risky and she thinks all my symptoms are caused by chemical imbalance (nervous system) go figure!!!!

Time to see another doctor, I think. Don't give up. Ask our members for recommendations.