Can you feel the styloid process by pressing under your jaw?

I was just wondering if it is possible to feel the styloid process from pressing your fingers under the jaw because I am able to.Or is it some thing that can be felt only by opening your mouth and then feel it behind tonsils. just wanted to confirm if I am really having a styloid process or not.

My doctor put his finger on my throat and pressed the back part behind the tongue on the right side(that’s where I had the ES ), according to him, many people have the pain if that part is pressed. (personally, I did not feel it, as I believe my styloid was a bit more down).

I ll try it myself. Its to the right most corner behind the tongue right?

Yes, but maybe better to ask your doctor.

Will do that for sure.But doctors here never listens.They assume their own cause and suggest something else for an entirely different problem. I explained all my problems to my doctor and in fact he was the one who suggested that it could be ES. He googled and showed me pics of it and explained everything. He too felt the hard bony projection under my jaw and felt it all the way through the sides of my ear.But after explaining the balance problem , instead of a CT he told me to take an ear test which costed me 1000rs and there was no problem with my hearing. they just want money.he could have directly suggested me to take a CT or MRI. I am from India by the way.

I could feel mine at the back of my throat, around the tonsil area. But when I was first diagnosed the doctor felt then from the outside of my neck- both were painful!! I’m sure Isaiah 40_31 could feel hers under her jaw, hopefully she’ll chip in. But it does depend on the angle they’re growing at.

@Isaiah_40_31 - Could you pls help me out here. Were you able to feel the styloid process from under your jaw.Also could you please let know if you had dizziness and imbalance as symptoms and pls let me know the surgery you went through for that if you had one…Thank you so much in advance.

Yes! I felt mine under my jaw. That was my first hint that something was not right. I had pain in my neck but no reason for it until I found the hard lump under my jaw. When I poked the lump, the pain in my neck got much worse. Both of my styloids could be felt in my throat but a bit farther back than the tonsils (which I don’t have). It set off my gag relfex to try to touch them. I could eventually feel my left one under the base of my tongue (where it attaches at the back near the throat).

Curious that your doctor would tentatively diagnose you then refuse to order the test which would confirm the diagnosis! How frustrating for you!

Thanks @Isaiah_40_31 . Did you too have the imbalance and dizziness? and what type of surgery did you go through? internal or external?

Hey, I’m sure u can. I can feel it also.

I did have troubles w/ balance & dizzyness/light-headedness especially while doing aerobic exercise. My blood pressure would drop & I would feel like I couldn’t catch my breath. A few times, I thought I might pass out so I quit doing hard aerobics until after my second surgery. I assumed from these symptoms, I had some vascular impingement going on.

I had both my surgeries externally but 9 months apart & feel strongly that the external route is safer than the internal because the nerves are more visible thus damage can be avoided to a greater extent & the styloid is more accessible so it can be removed to the skull base. Additionally, if the stylohyoid ligaments are calcified, they can be successfully removed. With the internal approach, the styloid can only be shortened, not fully removed, & I’m not sure how accessible the s-h ligament is.

That said, I did end up w/ some permanent nerve damage but nothing I can’t live with & it is much more tolerable than my ES symptoms were. I have First Bite Syndrome on the right side & some pain to the touch at the right jaw joint. I also had some slight damage to my glossopharyngeal nerve (it was wrapped around my styloid & had to be unwrapped so the styloid could be shortened) which temporarily paralyzed half of my tongue for about 6 months post op. After 3 years I’m about 95% back to normal as far as tongue function goes. None of these residual troubles impact my daily life in a noticeable way.

@Isaiah_40_31 that was really a very useful information you provided. I thought only I was having this dizziness issue during exercise. I guess I ll stop working out for a while.

As for surgery , I too have looked into some videos on youtube and the external one was very successful in removing the entire SP. I ll request the same from my doc.

Thank you so much for this information.

You’re most welcome! I hope your doctor/surgeon is willing/able to do your surgery externally.

I’m in the US (in case you hadn’t guessed). My incisions were made in my natural neck creases so the scar is bearly noticeable now. As Jules noted, Mr. Axon (in Britain) does his cuts mostly behind the ear so the bulk of the scar is hidden behind the hair once healed. I did not have a drain put in. I can send you pictures of my scars if you want.

Hope my doctor scars me externally.