Celebrating milestones

I had intraoral surgery about a month ago and all of a sudden today found that I could open my jaw all the way, which I have not been able to do since the procedure. YAY! I am walking around opening and closing my mouth now like a hand puppet in celebration. Am grateful to have this group that I know will understand my excitement.


SO AWESOME!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :partying_face: Just be careful not to overdo!! You don’t want to set yourself back. :roll_eyes:

Lovely,! Yes, we do understand; being able to eat a toffee & nuts were big things for me!
Hope you keep on healing well!

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Thank you Isaiah and Jules for appreciating the event!


That’s such good news! Sounds like you’re progressing and even better things are to come :pray:t2::rainbow:


My surgery is feb 4 and I can’t wait. I am in so much pain I can’t describe it. I know all of you can relate. It’s mind boggling that I can function at all but I am. I hope this will end after surgery.


Will add you to my prayer list, hope that the time passes quickly for you…

Can anyone tell me what to expect after surgery. Will I need pain meds. Also I won’t be able to eat solids for a week. What did you all do?

If you search for ‘what to expect after surgery’ it will come up with lots of discussions about recoveries. I couldn’t open my mouth wide, nor chew very easily for a week or 2 after surgery, but was able to swallow pain meds. Are you having intra-oral or external surgery? For intra-oral surgery, the tonsils are often removed, so recovery is similar to a recovery from tonsillectomy as an adult. Lots of ice, smoothies & soft foods, plus sleeping semi upright will help. You can also search for a ‘surgery shopping list’ one member wrote with suggested stuff to get ready.
Have you got a date?

My surgery is feb 4. Thank you for responding. I am freaking out about the pain medication because I am in recovery. But t I intend to use it because I know I can’t handle the pain. I’m already in so much pain I can’t imagine it being even worse.

Not too long to wait…hang in there, thinking of you, & gentle hugs. Will add you to my prayer list for your op :pray: :hugs:

I’ve put your surgery date on my calendar as well, Jodi, & will be praying for you, too. Your pain will be different after surgery & hopefully much of what you’re currently experiencing will go w/ the styloid(s)!

Thank you so much. You all have been so helpful