Cerebral Venous-Associated Brain Damage May Lead to Anxiety and Depression

Trying to understand the connection between IJVS and anxiety and insomnia and found this.


That’s a really interesting study, thanks @Chrickychricky ! Something to consider along with potential vagus nerve compression when members have anxiety & IJV compression…

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I observed in the first two images in the article that the person in picture B possibly exhibits symptoms of vES:

I agree it’s an interesting paper. From my point of view it’s description of diagnostics and patterns of brain damage was most interesting. Not to disrespect anxiety etc in anyway as a real & frequent symptom. Pity UK brain medics seem not to use these diagnostics. D


I’m a psychologist and I totally agree that doctors are not savvy to structural causes of emotional distress. The good news is that the brain can heal itself once good circulation is restored. It also makes me sad that most of us have to wait so long for the proper treatment which allows more damage to occur.