Coming Along

Snapple2020 is about 3.5 weeks post op & asked me to post this current picture of her incision. If I remember where I posted her immediate post op pics, I’ll add it there, too. I think her incision is healing very well & pretty quickly.


Looks great!

I’m happy to report at 6 weeks post-op, I have finally turned the corner in my tongue dysfunction. I don’t know if it was the acupuncture I have received that helped this along or not.
I have been struggling with a partial “frozen” tongue and swallowing difficulties since surgery making it difficult to eat and chew as well as speak without sounding drunk. Without a tongue to push food around, I would have to put my fingers in to move the food to sides to chew. This past week, the tongue defrosted so I can now actually feel it and move it freely. It still isn’t 100% but at least movement is returning. Doc says to give it 6 months.


So happy for you and your progress.

So pleased that you’re seeing improvements now, great news! :grin:

HOORAY!!! This is FANTASTIC NEWS!! :hugs:

Thanks all. Im officially 6 weeks out today on my 2nd surgery! I also was able to see my favorite PT/OT (occupational therapist) on Friday and she does alot of postural integration and just happened to go a workshop on scar tissue. She did a great deal of stretching and deep massage in the neck and gave me some gentle neck strengthening exercises. This stretching and massage made a world of difference and helped release alot of neck and throat tightness.

So pleased for you that things are improving!