CT Results Are In....dum dum dum!

well i had my CT scan on Friday, got my results today. Confirmed "enlongated styloid process." I go Thursday to discuss treatment options with the ENT. I keep TRYING to find more info on this and it is SO limited. medical journals, sure. and i can understand about 60% of that. I finished up the first round of prednisone on saturday and almost immediately the discomfort returned. this was our first course of action. the doc seemed to think this would take care of it completely but now its looking otherwise. fun fun. and no i do not want to stay on a prednisone regimine. that stuff makes me crazy emotional. no thank you. i'm a very calm person by nature and some other treatment needs to be used. has anyone ever heard of any kind of chiropractic intervention? I firmly believe in chiropractic treatment for a range of issues. im going to call my chiropractor tomorrow to inquire. i'll update either then, or after my appointment thursday. in the meantime all i can say is, "wtf????" to this whole thing!! lol.