Doctor In Portland Oregon

Dr. Andrew Patel ENT, expert in Head and Neck, used to practice with Kaiser, now with PDX ENT- He diagnosed my Eagle Syndrome 4 years ago After his Chief of staff laughed me out of his office and told me to go see a dentist. Dr. Patel stuck his finger into my tonsil bed and said- “so you have something called eagle syndrome”, and I had surgery 4 days later. He also discovered a very LARGE tumor in my neck that was crushing my throat. He is HIGHLY skilled EXTREMELY smart and has performed the surgery numerous times. I am sad I cannot see him as he is no longer within my Health system, I am a nurse who works where I have to be seen… so anyone in the Pacific Northwest RUN TO DR. PATEL!

Thanks for this, I will add him on the list at the next update.

He’s my doctor! Even though I first saw him only about 6 weeks ago, he’s already the best doctor I’ve ever had, as he has now correctly diagnosed TWO big problems for me. First was Menier’s, and now ES. I’m glad to hear about his survival skills, since I already know he’s extremely competent and also very kind. He calls me! And spends time patiently! Truly incredible.

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So glad to read your post, dtcolbert! I also had ES & Meniere’s. Dr. Samji (the throat guy) did my ES surgeries & sent me to his associate (the ear guy) to deal w/ my Meniere’s. I had surgery a year ago to try to help w/ Meniere’s symptoms & save my hearing. At this moment I wouldn’t recommend it, but it has helped many people. If it looks like you might go that route after taking care of ES, PM me so I can tell you the ups & downs of Meniere’s surgery.