Doctors List

I look on the doctor list that’s provided here and I didn’t see Russel Roy Kahmke. He is in Durham NC(Duke) Have anyone went to him before? Had surgery with him? Thanks

He’s not someone I can recall being mentioned on here at all, hope that someone can help you…

Hi @Vick!

Welcome to our forum! Our Doctors List is made up of doctors who have done surgery for our members. We only add a doctor’s name when we get a report of a successful ES surgery done by that doctor. As Jules mentioned, it doesn’t appear that anyone has mentioned having surgery with Dr. Kahmke so that’s why we don’t have him listed. Dr. Hackman is also in NC (UNC) & has done many successful ES surgeries for our members, but perhaps he’s too far away from you.

If you see Dr. Kahmke, please tell us what you think of him. Remember it’s important to see a doctor/surgeon who is VERY experienced w/ ES surgery. To get the best results, you want your styloid(s) removed as close to your skull base as possible & your stylohyoid ligaments removed if they are at all calcified.

I hope this info is helpful. :blush:

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