Does anyone know what this piece of anatomy is near the styloid?

Circled in purple in both- it’s only in my right side and I’m curious to see what ya’lls thoughts are on this one?

Thank you!!

I’m guessing it’s a little extra bony growth on the temporal bone of your skull though we have a member who was told post op that she had what the surgeon said was like a secondary/accessory styloid i.e. a small pointy bony area near her styloid so perhaps that’s what you have, too? Hers was only on one side, too.

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I was wondering if it could be an “accessory styloid” hahah. I was planning on asking about it- not sure if it could be contributing to pain issues at all! Do you know if they ended up doing anything about the other member’s?

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I think it was removed but I’m not totally sure.