Dr Robert Nason Austin Tx

Anyone familiar with him? Been treated or had surgeries performed by?

Hello my name is Lee. I live in Austin Texas as well and I just found out this past Wednesday that I have Eagles Syndrome. Have you found anything out regarding doctors in Austin? I’m going to start calling on Monday. I haven’t seen much but my orthodontist that found the eagle syndrome in me is going to try and recommend me to an instructor doctor at Brakenridge Hospital.

Robert Nason from ENT specialists of Austin sent me for a scan and seemed knowledgeable. He said my styloids are boarderline on surgery. I decided not to have surgery because I just don’t know how many of my symptoms are from Eagles and how many are from TMJ. He says he has performed surgeries before but o didn’t verify. Keep me posted if you remember. I’m still debating on the risk/reward of surgery. Good Luck.