Drs for eagles syn. at johns hopkins in baltimore md?

does anybody know of a dr who deals with eagles syndrome at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore md?



or drs around hopkins?

Have not had good reports from John's Hopkins. A couple members went there did not get answers. It was awhile ago though. The closest and one of the most successful that we know of is in Philadelphia. Dr. Cognetti at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. If you go to Hopkins and get better results, we definitely want to know about it.

If any other members had good results and haven't chimed in, I hope they will, now.

thank u for ur input! ive had many shunt and eye surgeries at hopkins thats why i was asking. it would make things so much easier if we could find a dr there who could help. we see somebody in jan so i will let u no! tank you!

I would just like to second the idea that you would probably be much better off going to Dr Cogneti in Philadelphia.

thank you i think we are going to see the guy in jan and if we arnt happy then we will go to phili thanks for your help!