Getting closer to surgery


I just spoke with Dr Jolie Chang at UCSF. She met with Dr Andrew Goldberg at the Head and Neck Surgery Center there in San Fransisco. They cannot seem to decide what is sticking out of my tonsil but they do want to do surgery. Dr Goldberg has done styloidectomy a number of times. They said my styloids are very long but they don't see the tip in my tonsil. They said the hyoid bone is higher than would be expected. They think it may be the tip of the calcified ligament coming up from the hyoid bone may be what is sticking in the tonsil. They will do the transdermal approach (via the neck), put in a drain for 24 hours and then I can go home if all goes well. Just pray my insurance cooperates. They usually want us to have surgery at designated hospital in our area and I will need special approval to have a change of venue. {Feel like I am going on trial here! : ) }

Dr Chang thinks that since this condition is rare and only a few physicians have hands on experience, it will get through without any problems. I hope so. I will keep yall posted as things develope God bless! Abigail

Abigail. I hope all is going well and you will be feeling better after your surgery. Please keep us posted when you are able.



Thank you, Rebecca. You are very kind... as are so many I have been blessed to meet here at this online support group. I will certainly keep you posted. I am gonna clip this eagle's wings! Abigail

I like that comment, “clip this eagle’s wings.” Excellent. :slight_smile: Best wishes on your surgery!