Had surgery a month ago - overdid it and feel terrible

Hi guys - I had surgery on November 3rd. It was intra oral and on the left side. (Partial removal) After surgery I got better daily. I could turn my head again, most of the skull and neck ES pain was gone, & my right side symptoms even went away which surprised me. (I have bilateral so the right side will be done in the future sometime.) Some things were still on and off like ear pain, chewing, etc which is to be expected. I took it very easy after surgery and rested well. Yesterday I decided to start back painting furniture and then had an unfortunate yelling match with my teen regarding some behavior issues. I clearly overdid it. Today I feel like I did right before surgery on both sides :frowning: My head is pounding, my ears hurt, jaws ache, back of the skull pain is present on both sides, I just FEEL awful. Has anyone else done this and did it go back to normal after a few days and rest? My husband reminded me it has really only been a month and one week since surgery and it’s too soon for any of that and he is clearly right.

I wish I could offer you some advice but I have not had the surgery. Hopefully someone will chime in that has. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you the best!!!

Thank you shoppergirl!

Yes, this happened to my son. So we did the other side 3 months after the first side. Then he overdid it after the second surgery and complications and infection set in. I let everyone know that healing takes time and if you can take 2-3 weeks, take it. And then go slow...my son is still on antibiotics, but after the second surgery, all pain is gone.

Thank you Ear mom. I’m learning - the hard way - that it really is a slow process. I really really hope once the other side is done that this is all over. What a miserable way to live :frowning: I would kill to have some pain medicine but since the government’s regulation/change that’s just not happening with any of my Drs. I’m sure my surgeon would prescribe me something but he’s in another state and my 6 week check up is December 30th (and I have a thyroid cancer biopsy that day as well.) Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Heather B - I would not wait if you need pain medicine. This is very difficult pain and you shouldn't have to live with it. I am sure there is a doctor on call to handle your doctors cases while he is out of town. You should call back and talk to a nurse or another doctor...there is no reason you should suffer until the end of the month! I would even call your general doctor if you can't get a hold of someone in the surgeon's office...do not stop...be proactive until you get what you need.

Awe hun, Im sorry you had a bad day. Are you doing better today? Hows the pain? xo