CT: convert .exe file to DICOM images?

Hi. I have a CT scan on disc saved as a .exe file. I’d like to convert it to 3D. However, since the file is .exe, I don’t have DICOM files to work with. Is there a way to export the DICOM files/images so that I can create a 3D version?

Hi salt96 !

You can try sending a private message to SnappleofDiscord who posted our 3D conversion info. He seems to be very computer savvy. There are probably others on here who could help, but at the moment, I don’t know who.

Below is the link to his post about using the 3D slicer program. Click on the link below then click on his name as it appears above the post & that’ll put you to a page where you can send him a private email.

Thanks! I was trying to use his tutorial but then realized I only have the .exe file and not the DICOM images. I sent a message to see if he is able to help.

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I never got a reply from SnappleofDiscord. Any other ideas on converting? I’m trying to avoid getting a new scan done when I already have one. But I really want to see it in 3D.

I’m sorry about that. I am very tech challenged so can’t help you here. You could try starting a new post & title it “Need Help With 3D Slicer” & maybe one of our more techy members will respond & be able to help you. It’s worth a try! If you need help w/ how to start a new topic click on the gray “How To Use This Site” tab at the top of this page for instructions.

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Thanks, I started a new topic!

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I don’t know if you saw the post from auroraborealis, but she posted this link for CT conversion to 3D that might help you: