Help...Insurance company won't cover Eagle's "experts" on list

My insurance company refuses to pay for an doctors out of network until I've exhausted all provided resources within network. They are suggesting two different doctors. Can you please message me if you've had any experience with either of these doctors?

Dr. Mark Prince - University of Michigan

Dr. Adam Folbe - Wayne State University

Thank you all so much!

Wishing you the best. Maybe one of them is really experienced and you will feel comfortable. Maybe both will not want to deal with you and then you will be free to go elsewhere. Even though we have a list of doctors that have been successful, we have not exhausted all the doctors out there. There are actually people who have had this surgery before who have not joined our forum, and scary though it seems, I had an excellent surgery from my doctor who only did one surgery before mine. I didn't know about this website until about 4 days before surgery and I was in so much pain, I didn't want to wait anymore. My doctor told me this was rare and the only reason that he knew about it is that he actually has Eagles and needed his partner to operate on him. The plus there was that he understood some of my pain, but not all and that he did a lot of research before he let his partner operate on him. The other plus was that he told me to live with it until it became quality of life because he does not like to take risks, I waited 2.5 years while getting another health issue taken care of then I couldn't wait anymore. So you don't know what or who is out there until you try.

Sure do wish we could all go out of network, but I didn't have to. I might have if I had heard of this website sooner, but it all ended well, anyway.

What emma said. However, I am one of those horror stories who was operated on by a 1st time eagle syndrome surgeon, while his partner had done the surgery once before, he was not the person who did my surgery. The result was this picture above, where on the right side of the picture my post surgical side (left styloid) is shown in three pieces, the doctor simply snipped it and left everything in...... it should have been removed at least partially, and not even that was done. My surgery was uncovered by insurance and I thought it was, I thought I needed to pay $1000 up front and the rest would be covered by insurance, unfortunately 2 months after surgery I got calls from collection agencies that I owed an additional $2400. This was $2400 I didn't have. Good luck to you my friend,

Yes, there are horror stories. So do your best to evaluate the doctors available. I hope that one of them is experienced. If they are experienced, they will know exactly what to do and will be confident that they can do the job and they will tell you that they have done surgeries.

If they haven't done any and don't have an explanation or can't tell you how they would do a surgery, you will know that the doctor is not for you. Maybe they will even refuse to do a surgery as many will refuse if they haven't done one. The ones that know what Eagles is and don't want to operate normally will tell you so. They are worried about it being close to the carotid or jugular. An experienced doctor will usually know how to deal with it. I am sorry that Livelycadaver has her problem. It does happen. I hope both of you get the help you deserve. Will your insurance pay part as in an out of network payment. Some insurances allow out of network, but you pay a larger amount. I sure hope you find the best that you can.

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