How is BB16 doing?

Who was the doctor who operated on BB16 and wondering if anyone here has heard from him about his symptoms after surgery ? Thanks.

I guess you read the discussion BB16 posted:
New here, Glad I found you! - General - Living with Eagle
If you click on his icon, you can send a private message to ask how he’s doing…I believe that he had surgery with Dr Chetri.

Yes, I have read this thread a while ago not sure up until where … with a few cancellations and rescheduling due to different reasons. Also having more then one doctor involved in his treatment … did not have time to re-read the whole thread to verify the surgeons’ name. Did not see any updates from him after Jan 17. I posted my question here because I did not hear from him directly. Thank you.

@BB16 is also dealing with an unwell mother besides his own recovery. I hope he will update us when he feels up to it.

Yes, I inquired about her as well when I directly messaged him. Thanks.

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Thank you for following up with him. I’m glad you’ve done that. As a moderator, it’s hard to keep track of everyone especially when they stop posting for awhile. It means a lot when our individual members help keep track of each other & voice concern when someone “goes missing”. I appreciate your concern & follow up w/ BB16. :sparkling_heart:


No updates from BB16 yet ?

Funny thing, I was thinking about him this morning. Haven’t heard anything. I’m sorry. I hope he is recovering well.