Help me update my spreadsheet!

Hi everyone.

I am finally able to do some updating. I have not found very many new doctors posted on this site. So please those of you who have had surgery with a doctor that we don't all know and feel like your doctor was very good, please post here.

The following are the only changes I can find so far, but I believe someone asked me to take off another doctor who did not want to be associated with our site. I don't remember who or when it was posted. So I am not sure if I took it off in the last version. I still have a few postings to look through. My last update was May 13th.

But please help me by posting again if your doctor was not on my last update or even if you aren't sure. I am doing a lot of travelling these days before I have another health issue (and even in spite of some issues), so my updates will be sporadic until next year.

1. member recommended that I take Dr. Khan off because he is not as experienced as some. I think I will just note the member's comment in the event that someone might at least want to meet with him for a consult.

2. I am adding Dr. Roy Nicholson in Geelong Victoria, Australia, Woo hoo for our Australian friend

3. Dr. Milligan as well

Thank you for adding Dr Roy Nicholson lol hope it will be a big help if anyone else near kenD and I that if they get diagnosed with eagle’s that there is help even thou its a very very very long waiting list