Need help with Dr.Nuss

Does anyone currently see Dr.Nuss? So I had a referral sent to him but his office said he’s not doing eagles anymore so they switched my appt to Dr.Hernandez. I was recently told that he is doing surgery by someone who has surgery with him. However when I called back asking if I could leave a message with Dr.Nuss’s nurse to just verify that he’s not going eagles… they said “if they said they aren’t doing it, he’s not”. So they won’t even let me send a message. If he’s not doing eagles then I will find someone else. I just wanted to go to him as he’s the closest option to someone on the list. Other wise I have to drive almost 12 hours to Dr.Hackman instead of 6 hours to Dr.Nuss. So can anyone who is currently seeing him let me know? Maybe someone can tell him that patients are trying to see him but they won’t allow it? I heard he did stop for a while but started up again. Just wanted to verify if he is or isn’t since the office won’t let me send a message. Thank you!

Sorry you’re being given the run around- it would be good to find out one way or the other for our list…is there a direct email you cou could try otherwise?

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Our member @Calebp recently had ES surgery done by Dr. Nuss. You can send CalebP a private message by clicking on his screen name or avatar as it appears above one of his posts. Here’s a link to a recent post so you have an easier time starting the PM.

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Thank you. I haven’t been able to access a direct email but maybe I will be able to soon. It would just be good to get a definitive yes or no from him himself:)

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Thank you so much. I just sent him a message❤️

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I completely agree w/ you on this point. Often the people at the front desk have no idea what the docs they work for do & don’t do. It can be challenging getting past that first line of defense though. Hopefully @Calebp will be able to give you some insight about how to do that.


Has anyone heard from Caleb? I never heard back from him. I am just wondering if anyone has found out if dr.Nuss is still doing eagles.

Hi Casey52787,

I haven’t heard anything from him. I will reach out via a PM to see if he replies. Have you tried calling Dr. Nuss’s ofc again? I would read the Patient Self Advocacy info that is now on our forum (category just below the Welcome category on the home page) before calling as that will help you know better how to get what you want from a doctor or medical appt. When calling Dr. Nuss’s ofc for an appt., tell the front desk you’d like a consult with him for ES, & if they give you a hard time, let them know you are aware of someone for whom he did ES surgery recently. Let Dr. Nuss make the call regarding whether or not he will see you for ES NOT his front desk people. Stand firm!!