How to ease earpain

Is there any answer to help ease the ear pain. I had this mist my life and recent found out why. I will have surgery soon. It’s so long it’s in my throat and causes eating n breathing problems on days. But ear pain soooo bad. Any answers to help relief besides a glass of warm whisky or 2.

Good question! The ear pain is the worst to cope with. I havent found any way to get relief yet apart from “waiting for it to get better and try to distract myself from it in the meantime”.

Oh, and Tilidine is the only drug i tried that helped a little bit. But then Tilidine is not something you wanna take too often.

Depending on what’s causing the ear pain- ES can cause geniculate neuralgia (pain in the geniculate nerve), so some of the nerve pain medications might help. There’s info in the Newbies section, here’s the link:

Might be worth asking your doctor if you can try one of those? Hope you can find something to help.

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I have Tram adolescent but hate taking it. I see in new section that lidocaine patches. I do have them for other reason. I will try that next time it acts up. Can’t wait for surgery to be done and no more pain. The throat gets pretty bad at times but I found warm honey whisky helps lol. Small amount tho. Thank you for input.

Tramadol not tram adolesent