In Denver - surgery with Dr. Hep tomorrow, finally!

There are other scar tissue causing compression stories on our forum. It’s not as common a cause as styloid or stolyoid vs C-1 but it does happen. I grew up in the era of take the tonsils out & 2 of my 3 siblings also had their removed but each of us had a substantial reason for it i.e. I would go deaf when I had a cold as my tonsils would swell & keep fluid from draining out of my ears. Tonsillectomy resolved that. My sister had chronic tonsillitis & hers would get big enough they nearly closed off her throat so were a danger to her life. My other sister had naturally large tonsils & adenoids which caused her snore loudly as a child & keep us all awake at night so hers were taken out. I guess I was born into a family w/ bad tonsil heredity :rofl: though I’m surprised that with your chronic infections, you weren’t a tonsillectomy candidate.

At any rate, I’m glad your surgery is done, & you’re on the recovering end of things. I’m not sure 6 weeks is really long enough to get a good sense of which symptoms are going to go away. For me it was 2 mos post op then about every 2 mos over the course of a year after that, that something else would disappear. I expect you’ll have good recovery as time passes. The early days after surgery are the hardest.


I’m ok if the tinnitus lingers, honestly - the noise doesn’t really bother me - it sounds like cicadas/crickets chirping. I do hope the hearing recovers, they said to give it a full 6 weeks to judge the complete outcome of the surgery.

Just getting relief from the IIH is more than I hoped for

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I think it was the particular period of time (mid-late 70s/early 80s) - and the general medical thought at the time. I think any other decade and I would definitely have been a candidate.

Mine also runs in the family - in fact my oldest just got hers out at age 24…

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I strongly disagree that you’ll know the surgical outcome by 6 weeks post. I would agree if you’d been told 6 mos. It takes a while for nerve recovery & thus for symptoms to disappear. Don’t be too upset if you still have symptoms present at 6 weeks post op. It took me 2 mos to recover from the surgery post op fatigue alone.