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I don't mean to creep anyone out, but I sent friend requests to other Louisiana members. If anyone is interested, I would like to be able to chat about local docs who might be able to help and get an idea of your experiences.

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I live part time in Louisiana and part time in Florida. I haven't found any doctors in La who know about Eagles yet. I am in the Baton Rouge area. My surgery was in Florida which is where I am a permanent resident now. I grew up in NO and then lived in BR for 26 years. Been in Fl for about 10, now trying to slowly make my way back home, though when the weather is this cold here, I wonder why. I will say that Louisiana has better medical services than in my hometown in Fl, but I was lucky that my ENT in Fl had Eagles so he diagnosed it right off. A win for me, though.

I went to see a doctor ENT Skull base surgeon in BR before my surgery, he had never done a surgery for Eagles. He didn't find my CT scan remarkable and pretty much shrugged his shoulders and said that the surgery was easy just like a tonsillectomy. I didn't feel comfortable because he didn't seem to have any clue as to the pain related to Eagles nor the pain I might suffer after. Maybe he figured that he was so good, that I wouldn't have anything to worry about, but he was way too cavalier. That made me run back to my ENT in Florida and schedule the surgery.

If I were you, I would check around for Tulane ENT department in New Orleans or LSU whereever their ENT school is. LSU could have some doctors in NO or BR or Shreveport. Dr. Dileo was not my choice, you might want to skip him. Oh, also, I waited 2 hours for an appt that they required me to be 45 minutes early for as well. If I had throat cancer, maybe they would have treated me better, don't know. Hope this helps you some. Hope someone else in Louisiana can help you. Viperbone had surgery in Pittsburg. She didn't find anyone in her area either.

Great info, emma. Thanks. I am between NO and BR, so I guess I am lucky, but I live in a very small town and as I looked through the list of recommended physicians, NONE were in LA. I am the only patient my dentist has ever seen with ES, but he is young and seems to be the kind who will help me find someone who can help. I have an appt with him later in the week. I hope I get some direction.

Cajun country, I see. Good luck, if I remember to ask around, I might find something,but I don't know much about your area. Keep looking under the rocks, you might find something. Good that your dentist is interested. That is a start.


You might want to check out these doctors. As I said, Dr. Dileo was not on my list of doctors that I would like, but there are some listed that may be closer in New Orleans. I needed a referral to Dr. Dileo, so if you or your dentist does some research and calling, you may find one of these doctors has experience and maybe even your dentist could do a referral. My personal impression would be to skip Dr. Dileo's office, but you might get a totally different feeling, so I wouldn't count anything out.

I am sending you a friend request.

http://www.touro.com/headandneck touro in New Orleans, you might find that one of these doctors is experienced as well.

Thx. I considered ochsner, tulane, and lsu but never thought of touro!

I was just diagnosed and live outside of New Orleans. I am currently in search of a doctor in this area and I am will to drive any where to see a doctor. I was wondering if y’all have had any success finding someone in this area for treatment?

If you look in the Doctors Info section, there’s an updated doctors list. Don’t think there’s anyone in New Orleans on the list, so you might have to travel!

I have not heard of anyone yet, either. I don’t even bother to look in Louisiana. Things are tough here. The medical system in Louisiana has been decimated by the state’s lack of funds and near bankruptcy. I am sure there are people in Louisiana with Eagles, but they have probably never been diagnosed. More likely diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia and TMJ and a multitude of other things. That makes me think that I should send a copy of my CT scan and report to my previous doctor in Louisiana. She used to be quite interested in new advances. It could not hurt the process of moving things forward.

I’m in Baton Rouge and just met with Dr. Hernandez at Mary Bird. I really like him but still trying to find others that he has operated on and more info about him.

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