Need a surgeon close to Mississippi

My daughter was recently diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome and surgery was recommended. Has anyone on this site used Dr. Rosenthal at University of Alabama? Any recommendations will be appreciated as she is having severe pain and it seems to be getting worse.

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If you click on the discussions section and put doctors spreadsheet into the search, it will come up with the list which Emma has very kindly put together- hope you can find someone for your daughter,

God Bless, Jules

Where do I find the search section?
Thank you

On the top left of the discussions page, just under where it says Forum Discussions, there is a blank box with what looks like a picture of a magnifying glass next to it. That's the search function. Just put the words you want to search in that box and hit enter. You could probably also find it by looking for "Emma's list".

Hi Faye, I am located in Alabama. I didn’t see that Dr on Emma’s list and researched UAB in great detail looking for a surgeon for Eagle’s Syndrome. An ent in Montgomery wanted to do it but I found out that he hadn’t done the surgery in decades so I cancelled with him and got a second opinion. I’m so glad I did. I normally recommend UAB, however for this surgery I opted for a surgeon that had done this many times and was very familiar with it. His name is Dr. John Del Gaudio at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, GA. He is also on Emma’s list. He’s one of the few in the entire southeast that knows what he’s doing. If traveling to UAB want that far, take the extra 3 hours and head to Emory. Feel free to message me with any questions!