Cant trust a gp

i cant even trust the bloody dr to send me to see the right surgeon, ive been waiting for 3 weeks for this day to come, i spoke to the sunshine private hospital this morning i double checked to make sure they might of got this wrong no i was reffered to see a god damm kidney surgeon ,not a neuro surgeon , i asked well since the dr cant get it right could they make the appointment to see the right person , no cant do that i will need to go back to the same dr and get her to re write a referal i told the women now bloody way am i going back to her by this time i was in tears on the phone , so i called 2 neuro drs can i make an appointment i cant even do that it all needs to come from a gp ,so i go to a diffrent gp for help was told to come back tommrow and get this find out if this dr i have to see will agree to have my medical files transfered over , ive also been on the phone to the footscray hospital wanting to know when will me appointment be made to see the neuro surgeon because its on the public system waiting list i could be waiting 6-12 months i said to the women on the phone i cant wait that long she suggested i should see someone private i told her what happened this morning i said well can you refer me to a gp that will listen to me , no go , im at a dead end down here in australia, ive seen the posting of the surgeon up in townsvile qld but as i cant even make an appiontment to travel 2 states to even see him if a gp has never heard of eagles syndrome they just send me away its so not fair on me, was told to call the radio station on sunday there will be a dr on god its so bloody hard to try and get through as alot of people call up and ask for help ive spent the past couple of hours in tears just dont know what the hell im going to do if this gp tommrow will say no to have me medical files transfered over to his clinic ,they wouldnt even give me pain relief this morning an i in tears yet again from in pain and frustration in just wanting someone to help me

another set back the surgeon in qld has now retiered something i didnt want to here , so was given another number to call them back tommorow to find out if there is someone else there that can help me ,it feels like im walking around in circles