Novafon, sound wave self-massaging device

Hi friends,

Seeing the recent posts here about nerve issues etc. I thought I post here again my recommendation for a sound wave self-massaging device called NOVAFON. They showed it to me in neurological-orthopedic rehab last year and it is still a big help for releasing tight muscles and calming down (or activating) nerves. There are also diffrent adapters available so that it can be used even inside the mouth. It works great on symptoms and for rehab after surgery. (I’d wait at least one month after surgery before massaging the surgery area directly and ask the Doctor before starting.)
When using it feels a bit like TENS but more accurately to direct and deeper effects.
As far as I know they still have a 30-day refund guarantee if not satisfied. So the bit expensive device can be tried without financial risks. It has also a medical approval so that my german insurance covered costs partially - hoping that you can get coverage too.

It would be great to hear if you also experience good relief using the device or what you are thinking about that.

Conflict of interest statement
There are no commercial connections or financial interests between me and Novafon. I’m just a satisfied customer who wants to share his positive experiences.


I met TheDude in person at Colorado and tried it… it was so good I had to buy it too. One of the only things that actually help me feel better. So happy I personally have one.


Thank you for sharing this information, @TheDude & for endorsing it @hyperichard. It’s really great to know about tools that can help us heal. I’ll have to check it out myself. :blush:


Thanks for that info!

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Hi can you talk a bit about where you are using it at?

Hi @DonnaH,

I’m using the Novafon mostly on my neck, jaw, arm and shoulder with the two enclosed adapters and in 50Hz mode. But also with special adapters inside my mouth or also on my feet, legs and belly/thorso and knees. Areas that feel uncomfortable from tight muscles or fascia or nerve pain feel instantly better when the vibrations are applied. So you can glide with the Novafon over your body and feel directly where you want to work a little bit more on.

Only I’d be careful using the Novafon in the styloid area though if you haven’t had styloidectomy before to avoid any damage in deeper structures by a sharp or pointed styloid etc.

Hope that helps you and answers your questions.


Thank you so much! I’m scheduled for Styloidectomy next week and looking into this for post surgery therapy. I’m praying my surgery goes well and I can continue healing using a therapy like this. Do you know the price? It looks like its not in dollars. Thank you so much for getting back to me. Did you have Styloidectomy?


@hyperichard might know the actual dollar price best as he might have ordered and paid that very recently.
I think it was the same price in US-$ last year. The exchange is pretty much 1:1 yet.

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It’s 443 and change hoping I can save up for after my surgery

Nvm my brain not good I reread your post!!!

Oh forgot: Yes, I had styloidectomy recently and last year and several attempts before. Clicking on my profile brings you to my posts about these topics.
Wishing you all the best for your surgery and quick recovery. :four_leaf_clover:


So glad you are doing well! Wishing you continued healing !!


I’ll definitely check it out. I think I’ve purchased just about every device in the past decade to try to help with this. I have the monster theragun and a smaller gentler Bob & Brad massage gun. I bought an Alpha-Stim several years ago and I’m anxious to try it again once my styloid is removed. It’s supposed to help calm nerves and reduce insomnia, pain and anxiety. I think my body has been in fight or flight mode since my whiplash and concussion. Once the physical obstructions are removed I might be able to relax the nerves.


It was around 500 for me after tax and everything. But I believe there are two different devices? I got the black one but pretty sure there is a cheaper white one? (Could be wrong idk)


@DonnaH best wishes for your surgery next week, will be praying for you :pray: :+1:


Thank you Jules- I so appreciate your prayers🙏 I’m very nervous but I know this is going to heal me❤️


@DonnaH - What day is your surgery so I can put it on my calendar & pray especially then? Have you mentioned who’s doing your surgery i.e. is it someone on our Doctors List or someone else? We’re always looking for new names to add to the list so that’s one reason I’m asking.

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Hello thank you so much
My surgery is Sep 12th with Dr Hackman :heart:
I appreciate all prayers from this community🙏


:pray::pray::pray::pray: For a speedy recovery.keep us updated


Thank you so much!!! I’m scared but I know I’m in good hands​:pray::heart: