Odd sensory symptoms

Hi all. As most regulars know, I am now 9 days post op for the second removal. Yay!!

Before my second surgery I noticed many months ago that I lost most of my sense of smell. I had some sinus issues that I knew were ES related when my sinuses would seem to clog and unclog out of nowhere, otherwise my breathing was usually free and clear. I always had a hyper sense of smell so it wasn’t hard to notice when it started to diminish. Now post surgery my sense of smell is back. Its good, though maybe less so when I am on the NYC subway. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Along with my sense of smell is a very pronounced sense of sour taste. I ate a few grapes that made me pucker as if I ate a dozen sour patch kids at once. My daughter and I did a taste test on half grapes and she said that they only very mildly sour but not to me. The sour taste is very pronounced in general but even more so on the new surgery side. I just had a green powder supplement that I add to water and use to be able to drink it without issue but not any more.

I am sure its nerve related. I haven’t notice other taste irregularities.


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Interesting! Like you mention, there are some advantages to not being able to smell! Hope that your taste returns completely to normal…

Hi BG!

I’m so glad your sense of smell has intensified. Since the sense of taste is closely related to the sense of smell, I’m guessing your taste sensitivity also diminished w/ your sense of smell. Now that smell has come roaring back, taste is on it’s tail. You’re experiencing extra potent flavor in things that you once enjoyed because you weren’t tasting them fully. Another thought is that perhaps the “sour” taste buds have become hypersensitive. I bet that problem will subside as your recovery progresses or you will get used to it. It is an interesting problem though!

My sense of smell diminished a lot after my head injury between my ES surgeries. I didn’t realize I wasn’t smelling as acutely as in former days until my husband had me smell something to see if it was spoiled. I couldn’t tell! I’ve always been the “spoilage” sniffer in our house, but now I’ve been de-throned. :yum: I was given some exercises to try to wake up my olfactory nerve but have been remiss in doing them. I will get to it eventually. In the meantime, I’m loving eating lots of kale & bitter leafy veggies that no one else in my family can tolerate. Yes, there are advantages to a lowered sense of smell/taste!

I hope you see other improvements day by day & are soon “back to your old self”.



Brooklyn G

So happy to hear your updates!! So you now have some cool spidey senses! Keep sharing and Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays!

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Hi Susan,
I love it. Thanks for reaching out. I hope that you are well too.

Merry Christmas to and your beautiful family and peace for the new year. :two_hearts:

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How are you? You had some nerve issues after 2nd surgery, are they improved at all? :bouquet:

Hi jules,

Unfortunately I’m having lots of difficult symptoms. Nerve issues in arms hands and feet and burning. I also have strange muscle pains through out my body and itching. Vertigo back with vengeance. Some vision issues & tinnitus. I am worried honestly. I did start amytrtiptilne last night and have a neurologist appointment January 6th. I went to neurosurgeon and he said the presentations I am having that a fusion would not help these issues which I appreciated. He recommended I ask for an optic MRI and perhaps lumbar puncture potentially. He also recommended to see rheumatologist to eliminate things… :worried:

Any opinions are welcome!

Other than those things Mrs. Lincoln how was the play…:smile:

I wish I had magic answers for you. I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain and have vertigo. Sending prayers and good thoughts to the universe for you to be steadier, stronger and better every day.

They say humor and laughter is the best medicine. I hope you get to laugh out loud every day.

So sorry you’re feeling like this…such a shame as things seemed okay after your 1st surgery? I think the rheumatologist referral is a good idea, maybe there’s something autoimmune going on with the muscle pains & nerve pains. Blood tests will show up inflammation.
Hugs to you, thinking of you & still praying for you :bouquet:

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SusieQ - :sob: I’m so sorry to know you aren’t doing as expected now that your styloids are gone. Your symptoms do sound very nerve related so the referrals you have received are good options. The amitriptyline may take a few weeks to start working so be patient. Hopefully it will kick in FAST so you start feeling much better and can enjoy Christmas & your son’s enthusiasm for this time of year. I will also be praying for you to learn what’s going on so the symptoms can be treated & resolved.