Pain relief

Hi I would be interested in what kind of pain relief anyone who has eagles syndrome is on, as ive had a really bad day today with facial pain and neck pain. I am on Naproxen but it doesnt seem to be helping now.

Kratom herb is the best pain reliver I’ve ever found with minimal to no side effects. Order from bikhuk shipping company. It is on a fda watch list and illegal in a few states and thus the company can’t ship to some states. It has had some bad press recently due to idiots retailing it to minors…don’t believe the hype. It is a lifesaver for those suffering from chronic pain with none of the negative side effects of prescription opiates. I’m in IL and have never had an issue ordering it here. Also if you can afford it find a legit therapeutic massage therapist to work on your jaw/neck/shoulders (use reviews there’s a lot of hacks out there. Good luck

Kazza, I have nerve pain and I didn't get any relief until I got referred to a facial pain specialist and he started giving me those kinds of drugs. Nortriptylin etc. A lot of people get helped by neurontin, which is the usual drug for nerve pain. It didn't help me so much, but we're all different so you just don't know until you try them. Can you go to a pain specialist?


I take Ibuprophen 600 mg every 6 hours with Tylenol 650 mg every 6 hours in between my ibuprophen dosing. What helps me best are my muscle relaxers, Robaxin every 6 hours. My dr. Just increased my dosing to 750 mg four times a day and for the last 2 days I have used the increased dose, I am doing better and sleeping better. Good luck to you for reduced pain!

What are the side effects?? Can I work and drive while taking it???


I believe it depends on what KIND of pain. Neuralgia is probably best relieved by things like Tegretol and Neurontin. For muscle pain maybe anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, massage, physical therapy, meditation .... It is really important (and really difficult) to separate the two kinds, but once I did and understood how to treat both, I became a lot nicer to live with. It is probably easier to get a handle on the nerve pain first and then see what else is still an issue. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted.


How are you?

I've been prescribed Amytryptiline for the nerve pain, which has helped a lot, and I can finally get some sleep! Coedeine and Ibruprofen hadn't helped me at all .


Imunique724: re. Your question>What are the side effects?? Can I work and drive while taking it?? Which meds were you referring to for side effects? a helpful resource to look up side effects…