Second Surgery Scheduled

Well, I have my second surgery date, November 27th with Dr. O’Connell in Edmonton, Alberta. I am excited, but nervous at the same time. I know what to expect as far as pain and recovery, so Christmas will be a very quiet one for me this year. I am hopeful that this surgery will take care of the remaining symptoms and I can start my New Year symptom free.

Again, I want to thank members of this forum for giving me and others hope for recovery from ES and it’s debilitating symptoms, I have my life back and am currently 80% symptom free. so Thank You!

I’ll report back on my recovery journey post-op, in the meantime, for those who are still fighting, remember to never give up, advocate for yourself, and keep moving forward, the Eagle Syndrome journey is a rough one but you CAN get through it. :pray:


That’s great Weezie! I’ve started the process for my second surgery - hoping for Dec so I will also be having a quiet Christmas. Hope everything goes well for you!



Thank you for your wonderful, encouraging post. I’m so glad your second surgery is on the books. The time will pass quickly & you’ll soon be done with it & recovering for the final time. Even though recovery is slow, we do receive encouragement with each symptom that disappears & with the freedom to live more fully again! I’m so glad for the huge, positive change you’ve seen since your first surgery.



Very glad to hear that you’ve had a big improvement with your first surgery! And hopefully more improvements with round 2…not such a long wait this time? I’ll add you to my prayer list!

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Good luck weez. Im right behind you on Dec 7th. I’m hoping the 2nd one will go a little better myself. Have a wonderful xmas.