Sharing good news

I have been given a date of 7th May to have my left side 'done' by Mr Axon. At last... it's been a long journey, it seems, but I know compared to others it's been pretty quick, so I feel blessed.

Thanks for all the support, and for the posts people have added re. healing times, and advice for post-op. I read them before, but with a 'probably'll never happen to me' attitude, so I'll re-read them!

I’m glad for you that you will have a resolution soon. Best wishes on your surgery. I’m scheduled for surgery next week.

My surgery is scheduled for May 8th. We can all recover together…!

Best of luck to each of you on your upcoming surgeries!! Please keep us posted.

Good vibes to all of you who are operating in 2015. Good recovery.

Thanks for the good wishes- and Gramus and slbdc1, best wishes for you too. Keep us posted!

God Bless, Jules

That is great news Jules! I’m so happy for you!

And mine is May 11th. ;-)

slbdc1 said:

My surgery is scheduled for May 8th. We can all recover together...!

That's awesome news! In just 3 short weeks you will begin your journey along the path to restored health! I pray your vascular issues are resolved as well as all other ES symptoms. Looks like lots of surgeries in May.....lots of prayers & hugs going out to all of you!

Mine's May 11th, too!! We'll really be recovering together!!

Winterinmn said:

And mine is May 11th. ;-)

slbdc1 said:

My surgery is scheduled for May 8th. We can all recover together...!

Wow, lots of us! Praying for you all,


Sounds like a great plan.

Best of luck! x


I thought the same thing, I feel great. I have some residual, but overall I'm not going to complain. My quality of life is back. I'm grateful to the smallest things these day's. I know you will have the same experience... Good luck~ I'm sending prayers your way~ Keep us posted.

Thanks Nanners, glad it's going well for you!

Wishing you all the very best with your upcoming procedures. I have no doubt you will be blown away with the results.

I highly highly highly recommend getting on a steroid - the one I used was MethyIPREDNISolone Tablets, USP 4 mg - for the inflammation.

There are quite a few surgeries in the next weeks! I wish you all the best! Please keep us updated when you have a chance. I have an appointment with an experienced ES surgeon May 14th in Barcelona. Looking forward to that and hopefully schedule surgery for some time in the fall.

June 3 for me with Dr Bove in Chicago

Nenufar, I hope that your appt. goes well on the 14th! And that the wait for your surgery doesn't feel too long! Ivy, best wishes to you on the 3rd June!

God Bless, Jules

Best of luck to each of you and wish you all a good recovery time.