No date but I have a month!

I received a call from Dr. Omlie’s scheduler today. I wish I’d have had all the info straight away for why it was taking so long to schedule. I could’ve dug deeper for patience. It’s been a long 6 months.

I’m advised that I should expect an email from the oral surgeons office in the next week with total cost from them (which is now under the “No Surprises” law) and once forms are complete and signed with them, things will get processed with Dr. Omlie’s office. Indeed it will be Dr. Omlie’s nephew helping in surgery. He was trained by another oral surgeon who’d retired some years back. So I’ll be in the care of an oral and vascular surgeon- both of whom I deeply trust. She said I’m #3 on the list so I’m hopeful this means I can get scheduled early in the month. They are expecting 6 patients to be scheduled in May and June and I’m curious how many could be ES patients.

Im trying hard to be hopeful. Surgery and recovery don’t frighten me in the least but as some know, my story involves a misdiagnosis and an unnecessary surgery that didn’t take my symptoms away and specialists that all but called me crazy. You can imagine the fear I have should this surgery not help. Then again, what if it does!?

I spend probably too much time comparing my symptoms with those of success stories here in an effort to boost confidence….which one shouldn’t do knowing we all seem to have varying symptoms and degrees of such leaving too much room for doubt. I even pick apart Dr. Omlie’s notes from our visit last October questioning if I’ve read it all accurately.

I visit often, lurking, reading, learning. I try to add where I can but still feeling like that newbie from last fall that hasn’t completed the full journey yet. Still, I hope what I share here can still be of some kind of help for another :blush:

Peace, faith & love as always.



Your posts have been very helpful because they are honest & most often hopeful even when you’ve had to wait so long. Your positive perspective & sharing of your fears are helpful for others to read as they struggle along the path to accurate diagnosis & treatment.

I’m really excited that your surgery is finally getting close! We have prayed & hoped that for you for a long time now. I hope getting the paperwork filled out & submitted goes quickly & smoothly.

Please let us know when you have a date. In the meantime, I’ll be praying for you to feel peace & calm about your upcoming surgery. Your fears are well grounded but don’t let them reign supreme. Keep that hope of feeling better at the top of your thoughts.

:hugs: :gift_heart:

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Great news that you’ve finally heard something! Just because you’ve not come as far as others on the journey doesn’t mean you’re a newbie! You’ve always been really supportive of other members & that’s what this site’s about :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope that you get a date very soon :pray:

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@Isaiah_40_31 and @Jules

Thank you both! You make this process so much more guided!