Covid is so frustrating for scheduled surgeries

I went to the office for pre op this morning at 8:30 am in Colorado. Spent 1400$ on round trip to get here with my mom and I. Also the hotel is very expensive. So anyways, went to the pre op appointment we got everything in order and now I just got a call saying the Dr. has been exposed so they cant do the surgery. But my school starts next week and so I have to go back next week. ): This sucks.

Im SO sorry!! I wish I knew what else I could say to ease your frustrations. These times are indeed just a dark, ugly period! I’ve been waiting just to get a date for 3 mos now. They expect to be calling early January however, they only schedule 2-3 appts/month. Im hoping mine is near the top of the list. Keep the faith as best as you can! It’s so, so hard right now.

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:sob: :sob: :sob: I am so sorry! How devastating! Everything seemed to be in such perfect order & timing. I have been praying for you, & all I can say is, we can never be sure exactly why things like this happen, but, as a Christian, I ALWAYS believe it’s for a higher purpose that I may never know or understand. I will pray for you to be able to function well at school until you’re able to have surgery & for Dr. Hepworth to stay COVID-free. When is your next school break or long weekend?

I’m also sorry for the money you spent on the trip. That is also such a loss. I hope you’re able to reschedule the return flight w/o any extra airline costs.

We are here for you while you continue waiting, hyperichard. Please lean on us for help & support until surgery. :heart: :hugs:


So, so sorry for you that this has happened, the timing all seemed to fit so well. There’s nothing comforting really to say, but this will make you even stronger than you are already…thinking of you, & sending you a hug :hugs:


This frankly just sucks big time! I realize school starts in one week but can doc promise to do surgery on a specific date? At most he is just under quarantine for a specific amount of time. Given you are coming form out of town and waiting for surgery, seems you should have priority. Focus on what you can achieve in the moment. COVID has changed our world and we must anticipate change.
Did you purchase trip insurance? I assume not but we all should consider this at this point in time and until 2024 to make sure we are protected from this costs. Take a deep breath and figure out next steps.


So, they rescheduled me for the 5th yesterday which is great news, even though I would miss more school. But today I found out I got Covid! :tired_face: I’m thinking if I can test negative by the 5th it’ll be ok, but idk if it’s possible to test negative by then… since it’s only 5 days.:pleading_face:

DOUBLE WOW!! It might be worth it to get re-tested in a couple of days as the COVID tests are notorious for false positives. If you actually have COVID symptoms, that’s another story. What an emotional roller coaster you’ve gone through w/ this surgery. I hope a) you don’t really have COVID & b) if you do, it’s really mild & passes quickly.

Praying for you, @hyperichard!! I hope 2022 contains much less emotional drama for you!!

I have a 102 fever and the worst neck pain I’ve ever had in my life :tired_face:. Still hoping I can get over quick!

We discovered that we recovered quicker from covid this time around. We ran a fever and felt like death for around 2 days, instead of the 7 or 8 the first time around, before vaccines.

That said, everyone seems to be using the 14 day rule for procedures and surgeries. You’ll find out for certain on Monday, but I think you’ll be rescheduled.

Feel better!

Sharon from ModSupport

I’m so sorry! Not the way you planned to start the New Year at all! I’m praying for your quick recovery & for a surgery date that meshes w/ your school schedule. Just glad you didn’t have the surgery as previously planned. I can’t imagine having COVID while recovering from ES surgery!! :scream:

I really hope I can recover fast. With all due respect, I hope you are wrong. I appreciate the message either way though thank you. Ill try not to get my hopes up.

Last year I was unfortunate enough to do exactly that. I had surgery to remove hardware from my foot, and then came down with covid a few days later. Because the surgery location was on my foot, it did not directly impact my recovery from covid, but I was very pitiful.

Sharon from ModSupport

Let us know what the outcome is when you speak to your doctor’s office on monday.


So sorry that you now have Covid, it all seems to be against you…hope that your symptoms subside quickly, sending you a hug :hugs:

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I’m sorry for your ordeal, Sharon! Glad it’s past! Now you’ve got really good immunity against that nasty bug!!

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I am so sorry you have had to endure all this. We are all cheering of you and sending love, hugs, and good vibes as you prepare. Many blessings for a successful surgery! Keep us posted.


@hyperichard … fingers crossed that you have cleared the virus,

Your scenario is exactly my concern for my upcoming surgery on 1/13.

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Good morning! I wanted to see how you were doing, and if you were rescheduled. If you’re able to have the surgery today, I wish you the best of luck!

Sharon from ModSupport

Hi @hyperichard,

I’m so sorry to hear your frustrating experiences. World is so crazy right now!
Maybe there is a positive aspect though, even if it feels like a mess: If you had the surgery and then got the disease, it would definitely be worse. Maybe that helps a litte bit.
I’m hoping that you will recover quickly and then get a successful surgery to be pain-free. :four_leaf_clover:

Btw: That’s a scenario of what I’m afraid too because I’m traveling to CO next month for the first appt. That’s all a bit more exciting than it has to be.

Best regards


I was unable to do the surgery like you said ): So I will now be getting on March 9th.