Styloid on pano dental X-ray?

Hi, I’m new to ES and have a CTA/CTV scheduled next month along with an appointment with Dr Hepworth. I also have TOS. Vascular US showed “increased velocities in the jugular vein.” What is the best X-ray to see the styloid? Do any of you have experience finding them on a dental pano? Thank you

You can see the styloids, just on the outside of the jaw bone, the one on the left of the image looks longer. I’m sorry, I’m not good with technology so can’t annotate them for you, hopefully someone else less dinosaur like can help with that :joy:
A CT is the best way to see styloids, a CT Venogram would show if there’s IJV compression, so good that you’ve got a scan arranged. Dr Hepworth is very experienced and hard to get appts with so glad you’re able to see him!

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Thank you.