Surgery Logistics

So I pulled the trigger and scheduled my bilateral surgery in NC for March 27 and I have a few questions. We’re flying there the day before the Monday surgery and then I booked us refundable tickets back that Thursday. I’m hoping that’s enough time but not too much time, I recover better at home. Also I have a very mentally challenging and high pressure job (it’s so hard right now!) My job is a 40-mile commute. I’ve marked out my FMLA for 3 weeks, is that reasonable? I know we all heal differently, but I wasn’t sure what was going to be okay. I can extend if needed and I think my job will be flexible enough to let me remote for a week or two after if needed.

My styloids aren’t that long they’re just poorly positioned with my IJV and C1.

Any guidance from your experiences would be helpful!

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Pleased for you that you have a date for surgery!
Obviously bilateral is a harder recovery than just having one side removed- I think our members who’ve had this surgery with Dr Hackman have had facial numbness after surgery and sometimes paralysis which usually resolves fairly quickly- hopefully they’ll give you more info, especially about travelling.
I think 3 weeks for recovery sounds good with flexibility to extend & work from home. Talking can sometimes be a challenge afterwards too & trigger flare-ups if you do too much, does your job involve alot of that?
Have you read up about what to expect & ideas of things that would be useful post-surgery?
Here’s a link to a surgery shopping list one of our members has complied:
Surgery shopping list - General - Living with Eagle

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I do need to think hard about overdoing it when I get back to work. In addition to my 40-mile commute (one way) I manage two departments of about 70 people total and I’m in meetings, talking, and stressed for about 10 hours each day.

While the outside will look healed I know inside will take more time and it’ll force me to take it easier.

I do have the list and have purchased a number of things. I have a nice recliner and some wedges, ice packs and more! I am a little worried about the hotel situation and whether I’ll be comfortable. I really want to come back Wednesday instead but I worry it might be too soon? Too many questions and my brain is tired :slightly_smiling_face:


Hopefully Dr H’s patients will help you with that one, do you have to stay for a follow-up appt at all?
@Danielle1 has travelled for surgery recently, have a read of her story if you haven’t already:
Surgery tomorrow with Dr. Hackman - General - Living with Eagle
You can send her a private message to ask about travelling too :grinning:


@JuliaM I responded to your PM! @Jules Thanks for mentioning me in the post! I’m so happy to help!


Two weeks post op here! I’m so happy I pulled the trigger on surgery. Both styloids were removed and I am recovering nicely. It seems all my visual issues have resolved so far, I’m wearing glasses from 8 years ago because my Rx was too powerful and the blurry/double vision is gone, I can watch motion sequences on tv without pain, and the bright lights no longer cause me pain either. My head feels clearer and the head pressure, while not gone, seems a bit better. The whooshing isn’t as intense either. I still have tinnitus, but the fullness and pain inside my ears is gone. I also feel less dizzy/vertigo symptoms.

I still have some facial numbness and the nerves on my head and face are very tender. It still hurts to open my mouth too far. I feel the incisions inside my ear, not painful just a strange sensation. Thankfully, my facial nerves remained intact and there was no paralysis.

I ended up changing my flight to come home the day I was released from the hospital because I really wanted to be home! I am glad I did, but it was hard. I did request wheelchair service and wow, glad I did but it was such a hassle.

I’m just into my 3rd week off work and am really happy I took the full 3 weeks. I tested myself yesterday by going to the grocery myself and I almost didn’t make it home. The tiredness is no joke. I’ll go back next week but told my work I’ll be doing a hybrid going into work 2 days for the next 3-4 weeks. I have a 40-mile one way commute in city traffic, so the hybrid will help while my energy is coming back.

I had a great experience at the UNC hospital and everyone was so nice and definitely recommend from my experience.


So pleased that you’ve seen improvements already! I hope that the tiredness goes quickly, and that you get back to working okay, that commute is no joke! Take care of yourself :hugs: :pray: :bouquet:

So great that you’ve gotten such good surgical results already, JuliaM! It took two months before my energy came back & that was for just unilateral surgery. I expect yours will be back by then though. I bet going home so soon after surgery has helped w/ the rapid healing you’re experiencing. After all, “There’s no place like home.” Glad you’ll only be commuting 2 days/wk to start. 80 mi./day in traffic makes for a lot of car time.

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Couple of symptoms updates! I am now almost 3 weeks post op. I went to the eye doc yesterday and she confirmed that my prescription changed from 3 months ago! Pretty incredible. Happy that all my visual symptoms seem to have subsided. Also, my voice/tone control and endurance is back, as well as not having immense head pressure

. Hard to believe something so small could make such a large impact so soon.


Unbearable 24/7 head pressure headaches is the biggest improvement since my bilateral 5 months ago too. I still can’t believe it’s gone, and I hoped for good.


That is such great news, @JuliaM!! I’m so happy for the great changes you’re seeing so soon after surgery! That’s what we hope for all of our members. May your healing continue to progress as quickly as it started! :hugs:


So pleased for you that you’ve seen such an improvement! Take care & keep healing :hugs: :pray:


Incredibly positive news. Congratulations on your surgery; may you experience more and more improvements as your recovery continues.


Your experience give us all hope. Thanks for sharing. May your continued recovery be swift and complete.