Surgery Scheduling Nightmare

So, I’ve been seeing Dr. Hepworth in Denver and was originally scheduled for surgery with him on March 15, 2023. However, when I checked my appointments in my online portal, it was listed as March 29th, 2023. So, I called to find out why there was a discrepancy and was told that Dr. Hepworth would be out of the office March 15th, so they had to move me to March 29th, and just hadn’t gotten around to telling me about it yet. Frustrating, but what are you gonna do.

Then, about a 10 days ago I got a call from the surgery scheduler saying that there had been an opening on the wait list, and if I was available they could get me in on November 30th. Despite Nov 30th being a very important work day for me when I’m supposed to be representing a client in front of County Commissioners, I pulled some some strings and moved my life around to take the earlier surgery date. I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Hepworth’s PA last week and was told everything was good to go.

Today, November 15th I received a call from from the surgery scheduler saying that the vascular surgeon that Dr. Hepworth works with is no longer available, so they have to cancel my surgery on Nov 30th.

I called the Vascular Institute of the Rockies to see if they had any way to shift things around, but apparently none of the 3 surgeons that work with Dr. Hepworth are available.

I’ve left a voicemail for Dr. Hepworth asking if there’s anything they can do to keep this surgery date.

Is there anything else any of your know of that I can do to advocate for this surgery to happen at it was scheduled to? I can’t quite face the thought of feeling the way I do for another 4 months. I’m losing days of my life to these debilitating symptoms and have had to put everything I love doing on hold…

@MsBearshark - I am so sorry for what’s happened regarding your surgery date & especially that you had to work so hard to free that day up for the surgery. Unfortunately, you’re not the first to have had surgery rescheduled to an earlier date by Dr. Hepworth’s ofc & then postponed at the last minute. The upside is that the others this happened to were rescheduled w/in a week or two of the rescheduled surgery so you might not have too long to wait if the 15th is for sure a no go.

Oh no, so sorry for you, that’s so rotten…I had my second surgery postponed so I know how you feel, it was an emergency case which took my slot so at least I had the consolation it was someone more needy…Sadly the best doctors are the really busy ones, so worth the wait in that respect. Will pray that you get an earlier slot, sending you hugs :hugs: :pray:

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SO sorry. I was scheduled there for Jan '22 and it was cancelled due to covid. I rescheduled for this coming January.

I’m not sure there’s much you can do except explain your circumstances and see if something can happen. It really sucks, but I think you’d rather he not perform the surgery with someone inexperienced or unqualified.

I’ve heard these are tricky to schedule - he does them like once a week, they have to reserve a special surgical suite and get two surgeons on board, etc…


I hope that your surgery goes ahead this time!

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I second Jules sentiments & will add that if they dare cancel on you in 2023, make sure it gets rescheduled w/in a week or two!!

Dr Hepworth will not do the surgery without a vascular surgeon. I am sorry it all worked out this way. Keep being a pleasant squeaky wheel for a sooner date.


Looks like you were right, I just got the call that I’ve been rescheduled for December 7th! Hoping the date holds this time…


That’s really good news! Hope that the date stands :pray:

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: HOORAY!! I’m so glad 12/7 is coming up soon! I’m glad they didn’t push it out to next year. :gift_heart: